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Our white label applications are designed to be easily managed from within the Customer Portal. The tables below list the main areas and features available (some of which are device dependent).

Core Features

Feature Area Details
Device Platforms Web, iOS (iPhones and iPads), Android (phones and tablets), Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs. See (supported Platforms).
VOD and Live Content Playback Movies, Clips, TV Series, Linear Channels, Virtual Channels, Live Events
Free-to-access Ad-funded, Freemium, Sponsorship
Pay-to-access Subscriptions, Pay-per-view, Rentals

Additional Features

Feature Comment Documentation
Color Themes Build your app theme
Dynamic Pages / App Management Supported for home page as well as sub pages. Not yet asset detail pages. Structure your content
Hero Banner Components Video and Images supported. Can link to either a page, an asset, a direct play or an external url. Documentation
Carousel Components Landscape and portrait. Tag based, curated or auto generated from recommendations, watch history, favourites etc. Documentation
Image Components Documentation
Text Components Documentation
Favourites Being able to star an asset, channel or a serie to show up in "your favourites" carousel.
Share Being able to share the link to an asset, channel or a serie on social media. Facebook and Twitter supported on the web, bringing up native share sheet on Android and iOS.
Related Content Showing related content based on metadata, on asset detail pages
Others are watching Showing related content based on consumption, on asset detail pages
Season / Episode picker When visiting a tv show detail page, you are able to browse all epsiodes on per season level.
Channel Program Guide When visiting a channel detail page, you are able to browse all programs for the current day.
Search Searching assets by titles, tags and cast & crew cross languages.

Features that differs per platform

Feature Web iOS Android AppleTV AndroidTV SmartTV (LG & Samsung)
Sign up X X X X X
Purchases & Payments X X X X X
Video Hero banners X - Not supported at the moment due to performance
Auto Playing Trailers on Asset Detail Pages X - Not supported at the moment due to performance

Noticeable Features in the White Label Player Experience

Feature Comment
Multiple Subtitles & Audio Tracks
Serverside Ad Insertion support
4K UHD Content Only on applicable platforms.
Chromecast support Chrome Web Browser on desktop as well as our native apps for iOS and Android.
AirPlay Support Safari Web Browser as well as our native iOS app.
Channel Switcher While playing a channel, whether it is a virtual channel or a linear channel, you can bring up a carousel of all other available channels and their ongoing programs.
Push Next Content While nearing the end of an episode, a countdown will start to auto play the next one in line.
Recommendations If you've watched the last episode in a serie or a standalone asset - the player will show 3 recommendations for you to choose from right inside the player.