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In our Customer Portal Insights we offer a wide range of visualizations of your analytics data. Here you will find all the information you need to navigate and use the Insights. We offer a customizable Dashboard where you can select from a variety of widgets and rearrange them as you wish to create your own analytics dashboard. We also offer an Exploration tool where you can use our Datapoints and Groupings to fetch analytics data from our system similarly to the Analytics API. These explorations along with our predefined exports can then be exported in CSV and XLS formats.

Getting Started

Let's start by going to our Customer Portal Insights (requires a login).

Selecting a date range

At the top left of all Insights pages you will find a Date Range Selector where you can choose a Start Date and an End Date. All presented and exported data will be delimited by these 2 dates (down to the second). Note that all dates are in your local time. If you wish to see data for another timezone you can do the time conversions yourself or change your computer's timezone.

Date Range Selector

Once you have opened the date range selector you can select a Start Date and End Date using the calendars or the From and To input fields. We also offer predefined date ranges (such as "Last Month" or "Today") in the Date Range dropdown.

Note that if you wish to see data To April 1st for example we recommend using a To value of 2022-03-31 23:59:59 instead of 2022-04-01 00:00:00. If you use the later April 1st will be included in our Per Day Widgets. The calendars automatically do this.

Opened Date Range Selector

Applying filters

At the top right of most Insights pages (where filtering is applicable) you will find a Filter Selector where you can choose to add or remove filters. All presented and exported data will be filtered using the selected filters (when applicable).

Note that the current filters are not applicable for the Max Concurrent Sessions Per Day widget in the Dashboard and the Commercial page.

Filter Selector

Using the Clear Filters will remove all selected filters.

Open Filter Selector

Our current supported filters are:

  • Assets - Filter using Asset IDs or Asset names.
  • Media Types - Filter using media types (VOD/Catchup/Live).
  • App Type - Filter using app types (Browser, Chromecast, iOS, Android, tvOS, Android TV, LG TV).
  • OS - Filter using operating system (Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, Tizen, tvOS, OS X).
  • Countries - Filter using country names.
  • Session types - Filter using session types (Logged in or Anonymous sessions).
  • Playback - Filter using playback type (Started or Not started playback during the viewing session).

Our pages

We offer several pages with visualizations to present your analytics data from different areas.

Note that the Date Range and Filters are global in the Insights and are saved even when changing pages.

We currently offer the following pages:

  • Dashboard - A personal customizable dashboard with drag and droppable widgets.
  • Media - A page for all media related data.
  • Audience - A page for all user related data.
  • Commercial - A page for all your commercial and monetary data.
  • Consumption - A page for all your consumption data.
  • Exploration - A page for exploring and exporting your analytics data using our Datapoints and Groupings. A simple UI for our Analytics API. More information can be found under Exploration.
  • Exports - A page for exporting analytics data using our predefined exports. More information can be found under Exports.