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Our hybrid live event streaming platform combines scalable cloud technology with on-premise infrastructure and offers you as a customer a fully scalable and on-demand solution for your events to reach a global audience. It is the perfect entry-level to grow your event business and you can at any time shift towards a reserved on-premise setup that could be a more cost effective solution once you've grown to that level. Our solution is designed to support both single event and back-to-back events from the same venue, and where each event can have different ticket types and pricing.

The platform supports both SDI- and Internet-based media contribution where SDI-based contribution is today limited to the reserved on-premise setup. For Internet-based media contribution we support RTMP as media transport protocol and will soon also support SRT. While the on-premise setup requires to be pre-booked the cloud based setup is ready for you 24/7 and you manage it yourself all through our self-service portal.

To protect your event from ending up on sites where it does not belong you can protect it with DRM. We support all major studio-grade DRM protection schemes to ensure a wide range of device support. Security is never a compromise and we help you protect your values. This is at your full control in the self-service portal.