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This documentation aims to help you get started using the Red Bee Media OTT service.
Here you can find out more about our features, follow step-by-step guides and much more.

Let's get started!


This is a managed service for rights owners of niche content, rights owners of sports, skinny TV-bundles, movie- and series rights owners.

We provide either a self-service OTT platform or a managed 24/7 service for content and rights owners that wants to bring their content directly to consumers within a short time-to-market window.

Supporting all business models (subscription, transactional and ads) giving rights owner various ways to monetize their content.


The service is constantly evolving, new features and improvements are released to the platform several times per week.
A true agile methodology is feeding customer and product innovations directly into the platform every day to help shape and grow the service, thanks to our unique and proven continuous deployment process.

With studio-grade content protection and device-native digital rights management support your content is protected from illegal distribution of your content, and with a broad device platform support you are sure that your content will be available where your viewer wants to consume your content, either on their mobile, tablet or laid back in the couch in front of an Apple TV- or Chromecast-connected TV.
Our real-time analytics and data warehouse provides you with consumer insights in real-time and allows you to quickly take informed business decisions.

The service supports subscription, transactional and advertising business models, allowing you to monetize on your content. Manage customers, subscriptions, products and billing in our Customer Portal with a lightweight or more advanced subscription management system depending on your needs.

You can have your service up and running within a couple of hours, with support for live events, short- and long-form on-demand content, virtual TV-channels, and TV-channel simulcast.

Our multi-tenant micro-service architecture is built on best-of-breed components using architecture and shared infrastructure that scales with the size of our customers, to deliver the performance your business need.

You control everything from the Customer Portal where you can manage all your end users, assets and gain important insights about your audience.

Anatomy of Managed OTT