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Ingest VODs using the Management API

The Management API allows for programmatic ingest of metadata, materials and publications among other things. The simplest VOD-ingest case with just a minimum of metadata and a material is described below.


Video file availability

The video file that is to be ingested has to be available to the RedBee MOTT backend. This can be achived in multiple ways. The most common ones are

  • The file is publically available over HTTP(S)
  • The file is available over HTTP(S) using some sort of SAS-URI
  • The file is available over HTTPS and protected by basic access authentication
  • The file is in a AWS S3 bucket and a user with the correct permissions is shared with RedBee
  • The files are uploaded to a RedBee managed Azure blob storage or AWS S3 bucket 1


To request credentials for use with the management API please contact RedBee.

API Endpoints

API documentation:

The parts of the management API that are relevant for a simple VOD ingest is the ingest part of the API and in particular the endpoint /v1/customer/{customer}/businessunit/{businessUnit}/asset.

To create a asset with minimum metadata and a material simply POST the following XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<publish-metadata xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" publish-metadata-1.0.xsd">
                <title language="en">Asset title</title>

Element Summary
//asset Wrapper for all metadata like titles, posters, actors, etc.
//asset/id A string identifyng the asset in your system
//asset/titleList Wrapper for titles in different languages
//asset/titleList/title A title in a specific language indicated by the "language" attribute
//asset/assetType Indicates that this is a movie and not a trailer or ad
//material Wrapper for all technical metadata for the material ingest like source file, drm, ad markers, etc.
//material/materialRef The location of the source file. Usually a URL or relative path.
//material/DRMEnabled Should DRM be enabled or not

For more extensive documentation on the XML format see the XSD:

  1. Requires separate agreement with RedBee