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Ingest Overview


The process of adding various data objects into the platform is called ingestion. Adding information can be done in two ways.

  • Using the management API
  • Using the customer portal

Management API

The management API is our API to be used when managing the system without using the customer portal. It should be used for all system-2-system communication when the customer has internal systems used for managing its data. It can also be used when manually adding data or for scripting etc to load data when that is easier than working directly in the customer portal.

For system-2-system communication we will create a system user that is not allowed to log in into the customer portal. For manual operations the user should use the normal personal customer portal user account. In both cases we will generate an API key for the account. At the moment this can only be done by a system administrator and not in the customer portal.

If you are using postman there is an example project available here. New examples will be added continuously or on request.


The following entities are related to asset ingestion. Ingesting them using the management API is done using an XML format called publish. The complete XSD can be found here