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Stripe Integration


The service is technically pre-integrated with Stripe to support:

  • Credit card payments of Rental, Purchase and Event Ticket Product Offerings
  • Credit card payments of Subscription Product Offerings

Payments can be refunded from the Customer Portal, note that this refunds the payment but does not remove the product offering from the account. The Product offering can be removed from the account without refunding.

In order to use this you need to sign an agreement with Stripe.

How-to Guides

Integrate with Stripe, overall process

The steps are:

  • The customer applies for a Stripe Account
  • First a test account will be created
  • Integrate the test account
  • Using the test account the product offerings can set be up and bought as test
  • Activate your account by applying for activation at -> Dashboard
  • Switch over to the live account

Integrate with Stripe, configuring the integration


When changing the configuration, be aware that this requires that the web app configuration is reloaded. This can be done by reloading the web app.

Also be aware of that the configuration may stick in CDN caches for 5 minutes. On top of that allow for a minute for the configuration to be propagated.

The following steps are required when setting up the account, it can be setup to support both Stripe test and live mode. Once that is done it can easily be switched between test and live mode. Stripe's dashboard is found here:

The Stripe account can be shared between a customer's business units. To do so configure on the customer level

When switching to live, accounts that has been used for test purchases can not be used for new purchases or renewals.

API Keys

You will find the API keys here in Stripe's dashboard: API keys in Stripe' dashboard

Red Bee Media need the following

  • Publishable key for test mode
  • Secret key for test mode
  • Publishable key for live mode
  • Secret key for live mode


You need to set up the webhook both for test and live mode in the same way.

You will find the Webhooks here in Stripe's dashboard:

Webhooks in Stripe' dashboard

Press the "Add endpoint" button.

Configure Webhooks in Stripe' dashboard

Endpoint URL

Use the following URL:{Customer}


  • {Customer} is customer's name

Events to send

  • setup_intent.setup_failed
  • setup_intent.succeeded
  • payment_method.attached
  • payment_intent.payment_failed
  • payment_intent.succeeded

Save the configuration.

Signing secret

You will find the Webhooks' signing secret by clicking on the configured endpoint.

You will then see this screen:

Webhooks Signing secret in Stripe' dashboard

Reveal the Signing secret and copy.

Red Bee Media need to get the signing secrets for both test and live mode.