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Some changes to a material will result in a simple metadata update. These changes will be done directly on the specified material. Other changes won't be done directly on the specified material, for various reasons, and will instead create a new material will be created that is based on the specified material. Finally there are changes that will require a completely new material to be created. Exactly which operations that fall into which category might change in the future since our goal is to always make updates as "cheap" as possible.


Updating the following things on a material can be done without a new material being created.

  • Profiles
  • Validity period
  • Adding/Removing/Updating variants

Currently in the customer portal the following changes will result in a new material based on the specified material but using the ManagementAPI they can be done without creating a new material

  • Adding/Removing pre/post markers
  • Removing mid-markers.

Based on versions

The following updates will result in a new version based on the specified version.

  • Adding/Removing/Updating subtitles
  • Changing DRM (unencrypted <-> encrypted)

These operations will NOT result in a retranscode of the material but a new material will be created in our system.

New material

The following changes must be done as a new material.

  • Any operation requiring transcoding. New source file, new audios, new mid-markers etc.