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The platform supports sending notifications to a customer when an ingest completes with a status (such as DONE or FAILED). Please contact us to set-up notifications for your use-case.


Currently we support the following types of notifications:


An email address has to be provided that will recieve a message when the ingest completes with the desired status.

Email notification

Slack webhook

A slack hook can be setup that sends a message to a slack channel of choice with the status of the completed ingest. For this a slack hook url has to be generated and provided to us for the desired channel (see

Http post

We support posting a message to an http or https url of choice (such as an api endpoint). For posting to a secured https url we support authentication through Basic Auth (username/password) or Api-Key, which has to provided in that case.

The message sent to the http url is in JSON format, below is an example:

    "customer": "Stream",
    "businessUnit": "StreamBU",
    "assetId": "TEST_PB_007_5ACECFb",
    "externalAssetId": "TEST_PB_007",
    "materialId": "AmKYScnvY3_5ACECFb",
    "message": "Asset TEST_PB_007_5ACECFb material AmKYScnvY3_5ACECFb has status DONE",
    "status": "DONE",
    "link": "",
    "created": "2022-02-15T11:20:28.250Z",