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Live Events can be managed using the management API. At the moment only a limited set of use cases are supported but more will be added as when needed.

Management API

The API is available as part of our management API and you need to be given access before it can be used. In our management swagger the inputs are available in the section Live Event

Calendar viewt

For examples you can look into our management API postman project.

Maintaining inputs

Inputs can be managed using the API in the same was as using the customer portal. Note that if its not available using the customer portal it will not be available using the API either.

Inputs can be added/listed/deleted.

Maintaining live event channels and events

As described in other parts of this documentation there are two different concepts:

  • Live event channels (recordings)
  • Events

When using the API you at least to some extent must be aware of this even if we try to hide the complexity for simple use cases.

For an input you can create/list/edit and remove live event channels and for the event channel you can do the same with events.