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Live Events

Live Events comes in two flavours: Single Events and Grouped Events. The common use case is that you have a one-off event that you want to live stream: a concert, that weekly all-staff meeting, a lunch-and-learn and more. The special case here is the grouped events. An example of this could be a conference day with several speakers.

NOTE 1: You pay for the time between "STREAM START" and "STREAM END" in both single and grouped events.

NOTE 2: Make sure to always include enough time for testing before the event when setting the "STREAM START", and also include some extra time between "EVENT END" and "STREAM END" in case the event runs over.

NOTE 3: Streams cannot be longer than 14 hours. If you need to create a longer stream please contact our support.

Create a Single Live Event

Click on the "+ CREATE" button in the "CREATE SINGLE EVENT" widget to the left.

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This will open the "CREATE SINGLE EVENT" modal. In the picture below we have followed the guidelines defined above and given ourselves one minute before the event begins for testing that the stream works correctly. We have also included one extra minute after the event ends in case the event runs over time for any reason. This is obviously not enough in a real scenario so configure it accordingly.

Notice the "FREE PUBLICATION" checkbox? Checking that box will make your event visible on the service immediately after creation. This works fine if you are going to continue working on the meta data of the event directly after creating it. If you need the event meta data to be perfect before making it visible to the end users then leave that box unchecked. You will then go to the event, update the asset with images, descriptions and other meta data and once you are happy with it you make it visible to end users by creating a publication in the "AVAILABILITY" accordion.

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Once the time for the event is closing in you will get the unique RTMP URL and Stream Key that you will stream to. Configure your streaming software accordingly.

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Create a group of Live Events

Click on the "+ CREATE" button in the "CREATE LIVE EVENT GROUP" widget to the right.

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This will open the "CREATE LIVE EVENT GROUP" modal. In the picture below we have configured one stream with two events on it. In all other aspects it is very similar to the Single Event use case.

The Live Event is over

Once the event is over you can convert it into a VOD asset and trim the start and end of the resulting VOD. The VOD asset will have the exact same meta data as the original live event but can of course be updated if needed.

Click on the icon in the "EVENTS" column and you will be directed to a list of all events on this stream, in this case just the one since it is a single event.

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To get a VOD from this event just click on the little screen-icon with a play-button on it as seen in the picture above. This action will have to be confirmed and once you do that you can find the newly created VOD in your assets listing

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Now, to trim the start and end of this VOD you click on the asset and you will be directed to the asset details page. Open the "VIDEOS" accordion. Here you will see a list of all your material versions, in this case just a table with a single row since we just have one version. Click the three dots to the far right of the material V.1 and you will be met by loads of information. Don't be intimidated, we can simply ignore all of that and just click the "TRIM" button.

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Here you see a preview player that shows you either the beginning of the video if you are editing the "TRIM START" field or the end of the video if you edit the "TRIM END" field. In this case we will remove the first 50 seconds of the video and exclude everything after 2:17 in the video. Remember, this will be a new material version, the original version will be left unchanged.

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Once you click "SUBMIT" you will have a new material "V.2" under the original "V.1" material. Our new version will automatically be active as can be seen in the picture above. If you refresh the page you will also see that it is reflected in the asset player in the top right which now have the much shorter version.