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Using a custom domain allows your users to access the service and receive emails from it using a domain chosen by you, in addition to the one automatically created.

Managed Domain

This allows you to choose a name under the domain provided by Red Bee Media.

External Domain

This option allows you to bring your own domain to the service.

Email Domain

Allows you to let the service use your own domain for outgoing emails to users.
This also allow using a domain used for outgoing emails which is different from the one serving content (for example serving content on www.mycompany.tld and sending out emails from mycompany.tld).


A domain can have different options enabled. Currently, there are two options that can be selected for a domain.

Primary Role

Selecting this option makes the domain the one that is communicated to the end users through the service mails and device registration.


Note: Only applicable on external domains.
Enabling this option makes it possible to use the domain for service emails (welcome email, confirmation email etc).


For external domains there are limits on how many that can be created, should you exceed this limit when adding a domain, you will receive an error message. And multiple external domains can not be created with same fqdn across different CU/BU level.

Customer level

To have the option to add (additional) external domains, please get in touch with our support and ask them to raise the limit for External Custom Domains.

Business unit level

In order to prevent that, for example, a staging business unit consumes the allocated quota, it is possible to set a limit of the available external custom domains available to it.