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Configure Your Service - Language

Your service can be configured to be available in one or more languages.

The default is English. If that is OK you do not need to do anything.

You can control:

  • which languages your service is to be available in
  • which language is the default, meaning what the user will see if not selecting anything else

This guide describes how to control this.

This setting will control the language of the apps and also the language of content meta data such as titles. It is therefore highly recommended to add meta data in all available languages.

Goto the Portal -> Settings -> End User Settings page and select Language.

  1. First you need to add one or more languages that are to be available. This is done by adding languages in the Available languages input. Only languages supported by the service platform can be selected.
  2. In the Default language input select which of the Available languages is to be the default language

Customer Portal Language