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The RedBeeMedia Player SDKs has support for chromecast out-of-the-box using a non-branded cast-receiver, this is enabled by default.

To build a branded receiver we provide a CastRecevier library which simplifies development of google cast receivers using the Google CAF(v3) SDK and is compatible with the latest RedBeeMedia Android, iOS & JavaScript SDKs.

Required SDK version:

Create a basic Web Receiver app

The following is the main structure of a basic Web Receiver app that has no customization:

  1. A cast-media-player element to represent the media player.
  2. A script element to load the Web Receiver framework.
  3. A script that instatiates the CastReceiver class provided by us.
  4. Call start() on the CastReceiver instance.

Here is the minimum code for a Web Receiver app using the Cast Application Framework without any customization. You can copy and paste this script exactly as-is into your app to create the Web Receiver app.


  <script type="text/javascript"


import { CastReceiver } from '@redbeemedia/cast-receiver';

const app = new CastReceiver({
  baseUrl: "<url-provided-by-red-bee-media>"

window.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", () => app.start());


Styling a basic Web Receiver is done by styling the <cast-media-player> element using css, see the official documentation